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Friendship "for food and beer"
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Kolkovna Friends

Only real friends will leave a trace in your heart

The same goes for a perfect experience you can expect in all our restaurants. It will catch you inside your heart and never let go. Why don’t you become our friend to be able to make repeated use of the benefits provided by our Kolkovna Friends fidelity Programme? We will become your “meal and beer” friends, among other things. Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme benefits, such as discounts up to 20%, special offers exclusively for club members, priority invitations to gastro events, news received by email with good advance, can be used in restaurants Kolkovna Eurovea and Kolkovna RiverPark.

Do you want to become our friend?

Great, we are happy and already looking forward to our “meal and beer” friendship. Just pop in any of our restaurants and ask our staff for Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Card. All you have to do then is to confirm our friendship and the resulting benefits for you. You can do it literally between your first and second sip of the freshly drawn beer.

Are we already friends? Log in to see what kind of surprise we have prepared for you today.

Kolkovna Friends Card in your mobile phone

Has it ever happened to you to have forgotten your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS Fidelity Card and thus could not make use of the benefits it offers? Or you are not so fond of having all those plastic cards with you? Indeed, your purse cannot fit everything.

We have come up with a solution for you.

Upload your Kolkovna Friends Card in Qerko application. It is easy, just open Qerko application and enter the email connected to your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS membership. Then confirm the link you will immediately receive in your email box.

Your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS Card packed with benefits will be available for you for good. Well, as long as have your mobile phone with you.

Kolkovna Friends Card in your mobile phone

Benefits of Kolkovna Friends membership can be used also in our e-shop

Did you already become our “meal and beer” friend, sign in our Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme and have you been using all the benefits, such as among others up to 20% discount for consumption during each stay of any restaurant of Kolkovna chain?


When a day comes when you don’t feel like going out, just try ordering online via our restaurants e-shop. Indeed, your benefits can be applied even there. Before making an online order, please log in the eshop: you will do it in the upper right part using the email you had used for signing in Kolkovna Friends. The discount currently valid in your Kolkovna Friends will be automatically applied for all items in our eshop. But be careful! Reduced prices are so attractive that you might very easily order much more than you can eat. #mealandbeerfriendship

Benefits of Kolkovna Friends membership can be used also in our e-shop